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  • Digital Wireless W4

    Digital Wireless W4


    Digital Wireless W4
    Midi + Audio

    With the digital wireless system W4 you have chosen modernst technology. This system was specifically designed for Limex Midi System MPR4, but it should also work with other Midi products (please ask you local Limex dealer if it will work with your product).

    The digital wireless system W4 from Limex is using the license free 2.4 GHz ISM Band, therefore it can be used without registration. Best Quality, highest transmitting stability in real time and easiest usability were the main goals while developing this product.

    Our system is capable of transmitting 2-channel Audio (stereo signal) in very high quality (more than CD standard) and bidirectional Midi signals at the same time (Midi from Transmitter to receiver and vice versa). For all those who want to use the Limex foot pedal it is a must have add on for highest comfort.

    Difference between the models

      Midi Midi + Audio
    Transmits microphone-audio signal -
    Transmits midi-data signal

    Wireless use

    Technical specifications

    Frequency range 2.4 - 2.5 GHz
    Transmitter power ~ 17 dBm
    Range 10 - 20 Meter
    HF channels 5
    Data transmission: digital
    Frequency response 15 Hz to 20 kHz - 2 chanels (Stereo)
    Midi transmission bidirectional
    Power supply sender +5 V DC USB
    receiver +9 V DC
    Temperature range 10 to 40° C
    Humidity max. 80%, not condensing

    Instruction manual (pdf file) (German only)

    Declaration of conformity (pdf file) (German only)


    Sender (1 pcs.)

    Receiver (1 pcs.)

    Battery power bank
    8.000 mAh

    USB wire

    Carrying case
    (1 pcs.)


    Optional accessories

    Charging adapter

    Battery power bank
    8.000 mAh


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