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  • Electronic harmonica

    The Limex Electronic harmonica ELHA 1 uses a black 36 cm harmonica-case with no reeds as well as a Limex Midi System MPR4 with integrated soundboard. The case is from the well-known Company Strasser with their proprietary SKL mechanic. This case was specifically designed for using it as an electronic instrument. That’s essential for realizing a “real feel” with an electronic instrument. All these modification make it impossible to add reeds. There are no speakers inside the instrument to keep it as light as possible. Sound can be played via headphones or external speaker.

    Why using an electronic instrument?

    The electronic instrument shall not replace an acoustic instrument, but it has some major advantages:

    Lightes weight All tunings are possible All features of MPR4 are usable Assignment of key is adaptable Easy usability Headphone use for training or learning. You won’t disturb your neighbors or beloved ones any longer while training or learning Battery operation Upgradeable

  • Limex Electronic harmonica is available in three Variations:

  • Differences between the models

      ELHA 1-S (Standard) ELHA 1-P (Professional) ELHA 1-E (Entertainer)

    Microphone-modul - -
    Vocal microphone - -
    Microphone controller - -
    MC12-controller -
    Display with SD-card -
    Soundboard G5 G5 G5+
    Headphone Interface
    Replacement battery

    Price (VAT included) € 5.190,- € 5.590,- € 6.590,-

    = contain
    = optional (extra charge)

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