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    Soundboard G5

    What’s new with G5:

    The GM Bank was remade completely, most sounds were made from scratch. Many Sounds with ROUND ROBIN Function (repetition function), for more realistic, live like Sounds. If you play the same note twice it will change the sample automatically. Instruments in different Banks were made new, with improved deeper bases. G5 without the Drumkit has around 868 different Sounds (therefore the price per Sound is below one Euro). Note Off Samples. RPC Controller 56 & 57. More than 12.500 Samples were used. The Drumkit was made entirely new.  Drumkit consists of 18 different Kits whereof 2 Kits have Round Robin Function. 200 New Styles. 200 New Patches.

    G5 Soundboard video demos..
    (YouTube link)


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