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    Soundboard G4

    If you want to play with midi you always need a sound generator as well as a speaker or headphones. The Limex Soundboard G4 is such a sound generator on highest level. This module can be mounted directly into your instrument, place in an extra box or installed into your LIMEX speaker. Our soundmodule G4 has a bunch of orchestral, instrumental sound and the whole GM Bank onboard. It doesn’t matter if you want to play Oberkrainer, folk, rock, pop or Schlager with the G4 from Limex you will always have the best sound for it. We also provide you with predefined sound compilations (Patch) for our G4 Soundmodule range therefore you can also just plug and play if you like- nothing is easier than that.

    Sound list G4 Soundboard (pdf file)


  • Soundboard mounting options

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