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  • Analogue Wireless System V1

    The professional Limex Analogue Wireless System V1 is capable to send one Mono Signal in highest quality and is easy to use. The system includes one True Diversity receiver (for highest reliability) with switchable channels and one transmitter. The transmitter is available in four different variations: directly built onto the receiver as earphone interface, detachable earphone interface with receiver, Limex-Bug and as pocket transmitter. The detachable models are best to use if you own two or more instruments or if you are using dynamic microphones.

    The receiver has two antennas one volume regulator, a Display which shows the current used frequency and some buttons to adjust the frequency. The receiver will then send the new frequency to the transmitter via infrared signal. Our receiver has 15 groups of frequencies. Each group is using carefully picked sub frequencies which makes it possible to play together in one group without disturbance. If you count all possible frequencies together our receiver has around 100 available channels from whom you can pick.


    Wireless use

    Technical specifications

    Frequency range 823 - 832 MHz or
    863 - 865 MHz
    Transmitter power 10 mW
    Range ~ 50 m
    HF - channels 15
    Data transmission analog
    Frequency response audio 70 Hz to 20 kHz (mono)
    Power supply sender + 5 V DC USB
    receiver +9 V DC
    Temperature range 10 to 40°C
    Humidity max. 80%, not condensing

    Instruction manual (pdf file) (German only)

    Declaration of conformity (pdf file) (German only)


    Transmitter complete

    Battery powerbank
    8.000 mAh

    USB wire


    Optional accessories

    Charging adapter set

    Battery powerbank
    8.000 mAh


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