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  • Headphones Interface

    The headphones interface (FKH-IF) from Limex is a small and versatile box which can be mounted directly onto your instrument or is detachable mounted on the base righten. As power supply a LiPo battery (8000 mAh) is used. This LiPo is connected to the headphones interface via a small USB cable which is plugged into the micro USB port from the headphones interface. At the top side the headphones interface has a 6,3 mm headphone jack and two indication LED. One lights up green after power is switched on. If Midi signals are receives the green LED is flashing. The second LED is used for the optional wireless functionality. This button will then switch on the wireless system which is indicated by a blue led.

    Headphones interface is used for:

    Powering the Midi Electronic inside your instrument
    (midi system or microphone system)
    Headphones operation Wireless operation

    Wireless operation (optional):
    There are two options to play wireless with an headphones interface. First is to directly assemble a Limex Wireless System into the headphones interface or you can use a Limex-bug plugged into the headphone jack. The headphone jack has a built in automatic which detects if a wireless system (mono) or a headphone (stereo) is plugged in and switches the output accordingly. Also the output level is set automatically to fit the attached device

    Please be aware that, if you are using a bag transmitter with our headphone interface, the used transmitter has no power at the headphone jack.

    Headphones Interface use


    Technical specifications

    Audio output stereo, mono
    Power supply sender + 5 V DC USB
    Temperature range 10 to 40°C
    Humidity max. 80%, not condensing


    Transmitter complete

    Battery powerbank
    8.000 mAh

    USB wire


    Optional accessories

    Charging adapter set

    Battery powerbank
    8.000 mAh






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