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  • MIDI Professional 4 Light (MPR4 Light)

    The inexpensive entry into the MIDI world!


    50 Patches PC Editor USB connectivity on the left side - so you can easily adjust the sounds on the PC in every expansion stage Bellow Dynamic Up to 16 MIDI channels for live-play/sound SETS Expandable

    What are the Sound SETS?

    With MPRX you could theoretically play 16 sounds by pressing one button.
    Of course, this is not a practical application. Rather, this is meant to prepare for a sound change and then simply trigger it with a push of a button, but let us explain it with an example:

    3 parts of an Oberkrainer song:

    1. Trumpet and clarinet on the treble side,- the clarinet playing upper and the trumpet lower voice.
    Chord Guitar "Stereo" and accordion chord on the chord keys.
    Baritone + E-bass + guitar + accordion bass on the bass buttons.
    Up to now, there are 9 sounds needed for a perfect reproduction of the piece!

    2. Next - simply switch to SET2 by touching pad 2 on MC11 controller (second part of the piece) and play it appropriately to the piece:
    Accordion (polyphonic) in the treble-the clarinet now plays the lower second voice.
    Up to now - here are 11 sounds.

    3. Switch to SET3 by touching pad3 on the MC11 controller:
    Baritone solo on the treble in the lower part of the treble keyboard.
    Trumpet and clarinet plays in the upper part of the treble keyboard.
    Total = 14 Sounds.

    If you re-call PATCH the Oberkrainer setting (factory default), - this is already prepared and ready. It is how music can be played.

    With our system you don`t need to turn ON and OFF all the instruments while playing.

    Just choose e.g. "Oberkrainer" pre-set and SETS are ready to play, therefore you have to only switch between those 3 SETS for perfect play. Our system is very flexible and all those sound settings can be adjusted and created using easy to use PC software, so even Glenn Miller compositions are no problem to realize.

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